Reviews for "You Are Disabled"

this game made ​​me react, people hard his life is and complains that he does not realize ... some people have worse lives and the disabled such as ... I had to become a sexual "object" to help him but had hoods that made him start again or "end their suffering" when he had no problem doing anything to reach your goal

people born with a normal body and state ... and complains that it's hard when your life turns around to see the other people around ... this game ... I made ​​myself sad but not for people with DISABILITIES, if not normal people when they do not feel like "trash or unusable" and people feel and is DISABLED ...


This game genuinely made me cry. I could only finish the game as crippled, if you can call it finishing the game. I felt like I was the character, and each insult by the people "helping" me actually hurt. The part that really set me off was when your character has traveled so far for freedom, just to have no way of climbing a ledge that anyone could climb, and had no choice but to jump down into an awful place. this is an amazing game and I can't describe the emotions it made me feel. 5 Stars.

hard but fun

an someone explain al disabilities

Most of you guys are complaining the game is too hard.
That is the point. Living with certain disabilities can be rough, and not a walk in the park.
Also, for the one who complained about getting stuck on a platform with no one to transport you, you probably talked to the wrong guy who purposely put you there. It's all about trial and error.
To the person who complained about the Spastic disability, of course it's going to be a game of Russian Roulette, people who have that type of disability are going to have attacks that will cause them to hurt themselves, the creator even made that disability a bit easier to cope with by adding in a cue for when the character is about to move by himself.
Overall, this game is well made, at least to me and I hope to see more like this.
You have to look deeper into the point of this game and not complain about the difficulty.