Reviews for "You Are Disabled"

Nice atmosphere

I'm sorry, but while I appreciate the idea, and respect the message, I have several problems. First of, at the time of writing this review, I have beaten 3/4 (Only haven't done Blind yet.) of the disabilities. And I played them in this order.

Crippled, Okay I liked the game at this point. Good meaning, and sad story.

Illiterate, now we got to the actual platforming, and the level design WAS neat. I didn't want to read those signs anyway, so it seemed like most other platformers though, without the story. Really needed some of the NPCs from Crippled to comment on your journey to break that up. Otherwise, still liked it.

Then I got to Spastic, and that's where it broke me. I did finally beat it, but one FATAL error you made was forcing the players to rely solely on the LUCK offered to them by a random number generator as to if they have a chance to beat the level or not, and if they're lucky, then and ONLY then does their skill in platforming even matter. I don't mind hard gaming, especially given the message, and I'm sure I won't mind Blind, but messing with a player's controls in that way is sadly unforgivable if there's no way to counter it. The screen shaking is great in telling us that it's about to happen, but there's nothing we can do but pray it doesn't try to do more than jump randomly.

That was the major issue that I had. The next thing? The ear rape "music". Again, I understand the theme, and I'm trying not to be mean, but there's a much better way to portray near impossible odds than a record scratch track from hell, literally.

So, from a perfect 5, I have to deduct 1 star for the Spastic Disability being SO luck based, 1 star for the sound track (Mute or no mute, sound is a PART of gaming.) and another half-star because of the first two problems potentially causing the message you're trying to put out there to fail to reach the players. I promise you, if I had gotten Spastic first, I might not have continued playing. =/

I maintained the other half of the star because this WAS only done in 72 hours, and likely I would fail to even pull this off. However, my points still stand, I'm sorry.

Thank you for a very interesting game though, and best of luck for the future.

The people saying this game is unplayable... are obviously not trying hard enough. The game is beatable (I've beat it on all disabilities) and the entire point is that it is hard, life with a disability is extremely hard. You're supposed to want to quit, the obstacles are supposed to seem insurmountable. If you have that feeling, then this game did its job.

Amazing work, hard to believe it's from 72 hours. Cory Martin has true talent.

the game is so annoying
but fun 10/10

"You Are Trash"
So Nice 10/10