Reviews for "You Are Disabled"

As someone who is close to the disabled community, I have quite a few bad impressions about this game.
I feel that the message you intended to come across didn't come though very well. Especially those end messages. Talking about how they would be "just a slave". It feels intentionally cruel. You get berated the whole game and at the end you get shit on some more. It was a missed opportunity to give a message that shows with hard work, people can overcome their disabilities.

And if you do subvert the game and get the "good ending", all you get is a message saying that you won "somehow". This feels even more offensive, because you've worked even harder, been even more clever, and all you get is a flashing screen saying nothing about the triumph over adversity.

Now a note on where to look for an example. Endeavor is a fantastic game about overcoming adversity. It shows the pain of being taken advantage of, the emptiness of revenge, and the triumph of overcoming the challenges despite all odds. This is all reflected in the game mechanics as well, something that was clearly tried here, but not quite achieved.

This is a subject matter close to the heart of many people, including me. It should have been handled with better care. I'm not trying to preach. I don't want an apology. I'm writing this in hopes that in the future a subject of this gravity will be treated with the respect and care it deserves.

Damn you. It's a fucking clever ass game. Well done. But unlike someone with a disability I can quit and come back later :D

Managed to glitch out the game by jumping above the part where it says the blocks are made of the devil and got the good ending, somehow.

I hate that he starts walking/jumping by himself at random, makes the game a lot harder than it needs to be.

How to escape getting the secret medal: At the level with disappearing blocks with death blocks below and a wall ahead you can jump on it and then to the third block. At the next level you can jump on the upper platform and walk skipping the following levels. If you're illiterate (no disadvantage) you'll encounter two pits you have to jump over without seeing yourself. I can't confirm it, there may actually be a confining wall on the second platform. If you're spastic which can be a lot more difficult, once you're on the top platform there's no obstacle, just walk until you find a ladder you can climb to the surface.