Reviews for "You Are Disabled"

This game is rather interesting, considering it is a simple platformer. The message of the game really shows with the hinderance of the disabilities. However the spastic disability really ruined the game for me, not the difficulty. I understand the point of spasticity is the unpredictability, but the combination of over-exaggerated spasticity and precise platforming makes it almost luck-based. (e.g.the room with the death block,disappearing block, and fireball) Still considering 72-hour time constraint, it was decent albeit nearly impossible to get all of the medals.

If there was an option to change the controls, that would make ALL the difference. Using Space/Z to jump is awful. I'd much prefer to use the Up key.

Apart from that, I love the graphics and the concept. And yeah, it's frustrating as hell which is good.

Illiterate, spastic, Crippled, blindness? why would someone put you down there?!?!?

I would like the spastic guy to be less 'suicidal'.

Iam giving the best rate. Even on Illiterate it is pretty hard game, but it has an idea and the reason to be so hard.
Sure, Spastic and Illiterate are not exatly disabilities, but still they are indeed handicaps (especially the spastic is a giant handicap for any kind of game)

And I thought before the crippled will be the hardest option, how even could it be posible to make it through all those platforms?!.. Oh I see now. Wow, that was unexpected.

I will respond on early reviews here about "more humility, portrays of ignorance" and such.
You are forgetting one main thing. the "crippled" is the same person as any of us. Anyone among us can get any kind of injury or handicap and got to DEAL with it somehow in its life. Deal with changes, emotions, new obstacles and judgements.

And that is the main point about this game I love. I had to deal with any problem I get to finnish the game.