Reviews for "Pine"

Cool animation, and he means snake from metal gear solid; in which case I would have to agree with ganjovie.

dylan responds:

Is that a punk band?
I'll assume it's a punk band.
It's a punk band, right?

BAM. Haiku all up in your face.

Art was cool and the story was cool too I guess. o:

Also, :3 The dad sounds like snake.

dylan responds:

Snakes are not known for their talkativeness, but I'll believe you.

I came here cause u keep replieng people(reply that mathafucka :P)

dylan responds:

sure thing

This is very touching. A wondeful concept, with a well though out portrayal. Well done, my friend.

dylan responds:


To SafePlagiarism's response to spraycan74:
Perhaps you're right, but you could've juggled the premise more than what you did here. Comparing the ideology presented to a tree was a bit cliché, but endearing. Otherwise, this had decent animation and WOnderful voice acting, so not bad.