Reviews for "Pine"

That was quite emotional.
Although, the ending was unfathomable.

dylan responds:

One fathom is equivalent to 1.8288 meters. How many fathoms must something be before it becomes unfathomable?

amazing, well-animated, and with very nice pace, a very fluid animation. good flash.
also, the emotional message was... errr striking.
that was very sad to see how the little girl ended up in a hansel-grettel fashion.
i felt sad by watching this.

good film tho, you have skill.
also the father reminded me of lincoln, haha.
do more stuff, you are good!

dylan responds:

He reminds you of Lincoln in that he has a hole in the back of his head?

Fudge. them feels.

dylan responds:

I'm more of a brownie kinda person, myself. But to each their own, I suppose.

Can I please have the option of giving this 6 stars?
That artwork, the delivery, the message, the twist... It's so simple, so straightfoward.. yet so deep.
The voices fit perfectly, they capture my attention, they make me want to listen... The beauty of simplicity, mirrored perfectly with complexity. I love it. (the girls nose though.. why? lol)

dylan responds:

Well, as you may have noticed, the characters are comprised mainly of two colors. So my options were either "no nose" or "nose that matches the hair color." I chose the latter, which means that it nearly becomes the former when seen in profile.

Oh God the feels...

dylan responds:

did you know that changing a single word will completely alter the meaning and implications of your sentence? For instance:

"Oh god the agony"