Reviews for "Pine"

Wow that is some heavy stuff. Ending was a bit confusing so was the dad in spirit the whole time? Needless to say it makes you think doesn't it? Wonderful animation and voice acting too

dylan responds:

Actually, despite being comprised of water, snow is far lighter than its liquid counterpart! This is because a snowflakes density (which is equivalent to mass/volume) may be as little as 10% that of ordinary water.

Wow! That's pretty light!

wonderful animation; the message was short and sweet, and I look forward to seeing more from this artist

dylan responds:

From the makers of "Pine" comes the thrilling sequel, "Pine 2: the stumpening,"

"It'll leave a hole in your heart and an ax in your shoulder blade."

"Dad, do you think a forest is sad when a tree dies?"
This is so touching.

dylan responds:

hopefully it didn't touch you inappropriately!

Only a minute long, but a really deep, pretty minute. Definitely worth watching.

dylan responds:

gladjya think so!

Wait where did her dad go?
Was he there in the first place?
If her dad was dead how did he help her on her journey and carry the axe? D=
Was the tree a representation of her dad and her cutting down meant that she destroyed his image in her mind?

dylan responds:

I believe the right-proper answer to all of these questions is "beats me"