Reviews for "Pine"

It was the sweetest short I ever seen!

dylan responds:

Brush your teeth afterwards, you don't want to get cavities!

this was really good,
good voice acting and it's nicely drawn
too bad that it was a short :(

dylan responds:

It was a feature, but then I said to myself, "who wants to watch a full movie on Newgrounds?" So I cut like 84 minutes of animation.

this is a cool movie with Emotions.
this is a neat movie abut pine.
Keep it up.
This movie rocks

dylan responds:

"cool movie"

Oh I get it, cause they're in the snow?

OOOOOOOooooooo... right in feels. This got my emotions flowing hard.. especially that ending! thank you for making this!

dylan responds:

I had no idea that emotions were liquids. How viscous are they? I would imagine they're like syrup or molasses.

That's quite the oxymoron, though, "flowing hard."

It's simple - A being lives to help other beings live (and die). In other words, evolution.

dylan responds:

Not really how evolution works, but I appreciate the thought.