Reviews for "Kingdom"

After day 20 bowmans just become too weak...
You should add upgrades, as 2 coins for better bows.

Fun game !

Simply addicting. I got to round 41-ish and at that point even training archers is somewhat redundant. Sadly, the game seems to wear thin VERY quickly once you master expansion and survival.
Good but maybe this simplicity just isn't my favorite flavor.

Very very nice!

GOOD GAME MAN and i hope there are more kinds of these games

Beautiful game. Not sure if you can beat it, but I've played long enough to judge it. The graphics are amazing, especially the water and the city. However the city needs more buildings, even if they're just aesthetic, and a wide variety of creatures and classes. The AI needs work too. My farmers never run from trolls, they just stand there and get eaten. The archers and farmers need to seek out buildings to build/rabbits to hunt, and they should all run inside the best fortified walls at night. It's a pretty good game but yeah, needs improvement.