Reviews for "Kingdom"

I like the graphics. They're really nice. That reflect effect on the water is nice. It also looks really ripple-y for 16 bit graphics or whatever. I was oddly addicted to it for a while. There's a bug where even if you give the troll guys some money, they keep trying to break down the barricades and then they walk continue walking into town when the sun goes up.

How about some sort of way to control your troops and a way to hunt animals on your own.
Otherwise the game is perfect and I love the troll's troll faces.

Addictive gameplay, beautifull graphics, i really appreciate your job here. Good job!

Pretty good game! Every single night I had to build another stone wall on both sides... And it seemed like I began to have too many people than I could support , with the buying of equipment and the buying of their "loyalty" after they've been attacked by a noodler... I didn't have enough gold and then got overran by the bigguns.. hehe
Overall good game, and great concept. I'd really like to see a bigger and better version of this game... with some difficulty settings, sandbox mode maybe? This game would be awesome!

I love this game, it gets pretty addicting. The only thing I don't like is how powerful the rolls get in only a few nights and the AI could use a little more coding, but other than that I really love this game.