Reviews for "Kingdom"

I've spent three hours on the game and I'm on like, night 13. Am I supposed to keep playing? I thought the thing at the beginning said I just need to survive for 10 nights!

I have the same critiques as everyone else has -- first, the game is super slow. Second, the AI is super slow, can't get them to DO anything in a timely fashion and they do make meals of themselves more often than not. I don't mind the wall-jumping, however, partly because it makes the whole thing more dangerous, and partly because I see trolls stacking trolls to be able to jump over the wall.

Good game. It could use some improvements. I think the owner should update the game to allow the player to buy a sword for the king. Otherwise that, good game. I give it a 3.5.

Need more workers

really cool but you should make it so we can make towers between the walls arond the castle its still really cool

tl;dr: Overhaul AI, beef up walls, add music and sounds.

Like everyone is saying, this is a game with great potential. My main concerns are:

1. Random AI - It would be cooler if they didn't wander around like assholes. Or if you could assign them spots to guard, maybe turn the walls that extend your land into guard towers? Also, maybe throwing gold at a villager with a job will make him work faster, or even upgrade him?

2. Trolls trolling so hard - Like others have said, those walls are too damn thin breh. It wouldn't seem so bad, but between my walls breaking every wave or two and the AI being a jackoff, it's rustling my jimmies pretty thoroughly. I've also had a troll jump over my wall and kill a villager who dropped two coins, but the troll accidentally missed the coin from the height of the jump and just kept going to rape my scythes instead of doubling back for the gold.

3, Needs some jams - I think you should have music for both day and night, and you should make the trolls make some kind of noise when they walk/show up.

4. Final notes - I would like to see better aiming from my archers (upgrades?) and I would like to see unpaid citizens (I'm calling them brownies) run after gold when I drop it. It's annoying to have to dunk the gold on the top of their head for them to get the point. And possibly assigning jobs to farmers blah blah blah, look, you've got a standup game here. I think everyone agrees that the AI needs an overhaul, but other than that, the game is almost perfect.

I love and miss these kinds of graphics in games, and the simplicity in the controls is refreshing. Please make a sequel, I know it will be better.