Reviews for "Kingdom"

what are the controls, besides walking around? good game it seems, :)

The archers are just useless. Why am I building walls if they are going to walk outside of walls so they can take forever to reload, this allowing them to get killed the very first night? How about making your people SMART? Don't wander aimlessly at night. And in the day, SEEK OUT the rabbits to shoot.

its bad that the game dident work fleor anyboydy else but it worked for me a fun crative game with good prospecktes

in the second game i hope that youll be able to tell peaple where to go but they work by themselves as well a sanbox mode where you have to survive as long as you can but good game 4 stars out of 5

The game sounds fun, too bad I can't play it because it's broken right now. It tells me to update my Adobe Flash Player, but I have already done that, 3 times, today. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, I would like to play this game when it starts working correctly.

I want to play it but after 5 seconds of loading, it tells me to update my flash.
My flash player is current and I can play any other flash game on this site except this one. Please do fix this.