Reviews for "Kingdom"

i like the art alot. but the advertisement in the beginning got stuck 2 times. and the 3th time it whas talking a long time.

This is a game with great potential! But sadly the AI is too stupid e.g. leaving one side undefended while the other side has 5+ archers and their choice to gather as close to the wall as they possibly can esp. if a troll is mounting the wall.

Interface: I'd like to know how large my population is as well as how many does what.
I'd also like to know how many farmers are needed for e.g. one farm, is two too many for one farm or are 3 perfect?

Fix some of these problems and I'm sure this game will get at least 4.5 stars!

Good but there are a few holes.
The citizen AI is a bit dim and needs work. They just run at the 'trolls' time to time. On that, why trolls? Unless its an allegory for Grimm/fantasy trolls it just unimaginative.
The walls are not enough defence either. Then can just over them. Once in game, I saw one of the 'trolls' HALO jump over an archer and attack him from behind. Seems like you underpowered the archers.
Playing a tower defence game from a 2D perspective is very interesting and I liked it. But it just comes down to re-recuing all the farmers and rebuilding the walls each day (for the to be leapt over/destroyed that night) and just sitting back at the castle during the night.

The peasant AI needs some SERIOUS work.
Farmer: "Hur... it's nighttime. I should go outside the walls!"
Archer: "Hur... There are five dudes defending this wall and none defending that one. I see no problem with this!"
If it weren't for my subjects having the collective brainpower of one sheep, this game would probably be a lot of fun.

Amazing! any games alike?!