Reviews for "Kingdom"

Really good and well-thought out game, but i would like to have different variations of trolls since its really gets boring after a while. For example, when it is a blood moon you should have some trolls that have body armor so they are harder to kill, also have one of the 'big'trolls have a weapon of some sort. My last suggestion for this game is the make the day a little longer so we have enough time to upgrade our walls or rebuild.Overall. this is a really great game that has me hooked for years to come.

there isn't enough time in the day to prepare for everything. Awesome game otherwise

They come. I rebuild. They come. I rebuild. I got bored at day 20. Just a suvirval with everything the same (exept difficulty increase).

Best Game Ever !

But It Would Need More Content Like Worriors That Take like 3-5 hits and kills trolls in 1 hit but not the stronger ones if you want more content that i leave here just read all comment as well as the good and bad

Content Needed:
Specific Workers
Stronger units
More animals
Other Money like Rubies or something
better walls like stronger walls
Towers when you like buy a wooden wall not the barricade you choose other wall or tower
better AI
More Bad Guys
bigger map
other recruits like lost swordsman
bigger spawn radius
King Upgrades like a king sword or mace or bow or something that deal a lot of damage and costs a ton
mounted units
and more...

Nice game
This Game Is Like Other Trolling Games Like Call Of Duty Or Something Like Pepole Troll you
Makes You Fill like your weak in this games and bad guys are strong not like in other games
It's Hard

Too Hard
Good Units Are Too Weak
Bad AI
Bad guys A bit To Strong
Not Much Troops Units And Workers
Small Map
Again Too HARD !
But Still Very Fun Game I Hope That the Devs Read My Comment And Make A sequel of this Game
Cause It's Very Fun To Play And It Would Need A Sequel Of It With Atleast One Thing Of This Comment (Sorry For My Bad English I'm Not American Or English) I Very Hope That The Devs Read This Comment And Think About This Idea Of A Sequel And Content In It I Very Enjoy This Game
And I And Others Agree To Get A Sequel Of This Game (Personal To Devs I Like You Very Much) :D

A tough game and stressful :) I would like to have the opportunity to get more money. Or to get faster/better workers. Or at least they should be intelligent enough that they don't go in the direction of the enemies. Really good gameplay and nice idea!