Reviews for "My Monster Ex's"

Why this guy fucks monsters girls? Btw really nice game, 100% completed ;)

Very Addictive Game For Me!!

Addictive game, had me playing over and over again. And for others, the loading of the game is not the creators fault it's your own. Don't diss a game for your internet connection.

I think we know who the REAL monster is... the magical buggy car that helped him escape. The only question I have is how does a guy like him get into a city full of monsters AND dates six of the them; and why does Medusa help him? Did he fall into Halloween Town or something?

I like the whole story and anti-hero concept so when you lose, you don't feel bad. The game wasn't too difficulty but wasn't too easy either, and the artwork reminded me of that game called "Skull Girls". I hope to see more or something like this in the future. Best game I've played so far now.

Hint: When they prepare for a special attack, I think it relies on the player's direction of sight so if you look left, the attack will appear on the "left". I finally noticed that when I stopped in the middle of Johari's attack, all had to do was stop, look in one direction, and then move in the opposite direction to avoid the attack. It seems like all but the Carmilla's and Lucy's attacks but that's easy to figure out too.

(Longest comment I ever made on Newgrounds, sorry)

Great game, wish I could turn the sound off though :(

BonelessSTD responds:

Yes you can :) When you press "M", also by clicking the skull int the top of the game.
If you mean by just turn the sound sfx off, in this version we didnt include it.