Reviews for "My Monster Ex's"

Not cool Chet, Carmilla is way to sexy to cheat her... but Paz is really cute, and I wonder what Lucy could do with that tail... No! Bad Willy!!! cheat bad!!!

Also, great game, good controls, a little lag when the medals pops up, anything else well done, an extra star for the pause screen, is awesome, and the Herbie cameo, well done,

You should do an unlimited mode just for points or something, and a galery with the girls... just saying

Fun game! Simple concept taken a step further. Only thing I didn't like was when you use the medusa power, you still can get hit by stuff. Is that Herbie as his car?!?!!

A solid game with simple controls, a straight forward storyline, humorous sound effects, and a main character with a badass slide. Oh, and of course, power ups. I enjoyed it. Strong work.

Near 65-70 clothes this game is too hard. When 3 or more powers are started you just have to take one hit.
The freeze is as useless, you can't pass trough some purple items when you're stuck, you can just make them falling.
Hitbox of purple items appears tto me too big, with fast shoots of the girls you are obliged to lose 1 life.

Your game is far too be perfect, I only like the concept of items to avoid/take.

As you show to us: "we only merit the death when we make any infidelity", and I would add that it works for both sexes. :)

what the f***k did i just play?