Reviews for "My Monster Ex's"

Gotta say, it's nice to get a challenge from a game like this. Feels very much like an old school Game and Watch game with upgrades and increasing difficulty.

I like the concept of the "story" behind it, as minimalist as it may be, and I adore the designs of all the monster girls. I wanna know if their concepts were posted on DeviantArt or anyplace like that so I can fave them and such.

I only wish there was more to it than just the one level. Like, multiple levels and perhaps an animated ending where we see Chet either moving in with his new girlfriend and then cheating on her so the vicious cycle can start all over again. Or living happily(?) ever after. Whichever one sounds more appropriate.

In any case I enjoyed this game over all. Simplistic and short as it is, the character designs and challenges win it over for me. Hope you can do a sequel with updated gameplay mechanics, levels, and more monster girls.

Reminds me of a anime.
Don't care enough to finish this.

this game portrays men as cheaters and women as insane bitches.
if this game was based on a real event in one of the game designers lives, then whoever that bitch is needs to calm down, don't throw peoples shit out the window at them.
now onto the actual game
I like the music
somewhat addictive
good graphics

every time the first or second girl use their special attack it sounds like a goat is having a rake jammed up its ass
actually a little too hard at the end
when all the girls use their specials at the same time you are fucked
slightly slippery controls
not enough upgrades

Terrible physics and slippery controls mixed with a dull idea and not enough originality to fill an egg cup. The whole idea has been done before, monster girlfriends, ex's tossing your stuff onto the street and catch the things falling from the window above all done 100 times over. the music is dull but you at least tossed in a mute button so I won't fault you for that. Every time I move the character it's like the ground is covered in ball bearings and butter so he'll end up skidding around everywhere meaning he's less controlled and more aimed. the level never changes but that's not that big a deal as the background is barely even noticeable.
So what did it do right? well, the comic panels for cutscenes was tolerable, with an alright art style. I understood what was going on, why I was there, what the controls actually were, and what the art was representing, but all that is supposed to be base ground on a game, not something that earns it points, things that keep it out of the obituaries. Erm, what else? I guess there's a JRPG levelling system that I'm sure took some poor bastard a long time to program. Funnily enough as much as I like them, they're getting so bloody common that I'm starting to resent them. I mean lets say here, they're mainly used just to get a like to the creators twitter/ facebook/ google plus, none of which I have an account so I had to play the game unlocking things, things that probably should already should have been there, the long slow way. Like the double jump. I challenge you, when was the last time you played a game with a double jump and thought to yourself, "this would be a hell of a lot better if I couldn't use double jump until I killed X amount of Y"? Although I won't blame the creators for trying to put their name out there. Difficulty curve is okay, toss more shit at player, rinse, repeat until player dies/ endgame, works alright I guess if a bit simple.
I can't tell if I'm being too hard or too soft, so I'll leave you with 2 stars, average, something I could get by typing in 'flash game' into a search engine and hitting the 3rd link I find. doesn't deserve obituaries though so you've got that over some games I've played.

BonelessSTD responds:

hey there, I think it took more time to read your critic than to make my game...just kidding, thanks for being honest, we can take a bullet XD and a fun fact is that we have a Japanese Programmer.

I'd love to see the ending, but I just can't beat it. Still an ok game, but depressing it's a bit too hard.