Reviews for "My Monster Ex's"

It's nice and very challenging. Haven't managed the full 80 (yet?). Only thing that bothered me a little is the colours. All very bright and rich; as soon as things get busy it's hard to keep track of everything that's going on and coming at ya. Normally, peripheral vision is a great help in that respect but that doesn't work very well in this case. But of course, this is just a minor issue :)

My guy is a playa.

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Very fun game! The graphics are beautiful, the upgrade system is great, and the gameplay is quite challenging! I didn't beat it until I got every upgrade, and even then it took a few tries. This is a unique and entertaining game.

Totally awesome game! - I'm not going to nit-pick like some many of these reviews do as they sit upon their thrones of dust. - I thought this game was totally fun, enjoyable, silly and great! - Besides which, it's a break from the nasty norm of games trying to desperately prove how "deep" they can be. - Unfortunately, I couldn't beat the game. - I kept getting to 75/80 or slightly higher then dying, but you know, that closeness makes me feel with a bit of luck I could do it some other time. - But I'd never slam the difficulty of this game, I think it's fair, and very enjoyable.

Yes, when all of the Ex's and the big devil at the end are all working together it is SO hard, but I'm certain it's doable. - Chet has something horribly likable about him, as someone earlier said, he's an anti-hero. - But the way he runs about with his little box makes him seem sort of cute, like a silly little man lost in this world of furious women. Poor little face.

I'd love to see this game on another platform, like a standard platformer - with the girls and the demon as the bosses of each world. - Or alternatively, we can feel a bit of heart for Chet as he tries to make it up to the women he's hurt, perhaps each level is a mission one of the ex's gives him so he can prove himself.

But all in all, as I aforementioned, this is a great game, and deserves it's high-ranking place. all the best.

- Doc Slam.