Reviews for "My Monster Ex's"

Its a great game thats really addictive but the only problem was the whole page didnt show up on my screen so i couldnt exit the shop

This are the things I really loved in the game:
1.) The girls' designs. They are unique along with their special abilities and voices. They are really drop-dead gorgeous despite having some physical qualities of the monster they are based on. I really loved Carmilla's design most of all. Paz was cute and I loved her hair and facial expression. I don't really like the design of Johari for some reason (maybe it's because she doesn't have hair) but the thing I loved about her is her voice when activating her special.
But the only thing that bugs me is the zombie girl's voice when activating her special and her other eye hanging from side to side.
2.) The theme. I love Halloween themes with a flaw of cuteness. The background music is excellent (I have no more words to describe it)
3.) The concept and story line. The idea is very creative and original.
Anyways, I do not know what more could I say about this game. It's perfect in its own way.
*Also am I the only one who found that Paz is the only ex throwing green things at Chet?

BonelessSTD responds:

hahaha she is the good ex, the one that deep inside wants to help him...we are uploading art of the monster exes, with a little bio. At the moment we have the zombie (roxy) and the mummy (johari). Tomorrow we are gooing to upload Paz. But you can se some art wrok in our facebook fanpage, in the album My Monster Ex´s. Thanks for lovin it XD

Simple game, but I like the character designs. I'd like to see the characters from this show up again elsewhere.

Zombie, Mummy, Vampires, Wolf, and Devil. So cute and awesome!!~
I love it!

Took me about 14 re-dos, but nailed it. Very good game, and original take on the "catch it" genre. Well done!