Reviews for "My Monster Ex's"

Very fun. Nice little time-waster and an original spin on a classic genre. Love all the designs- Paz's especially. The only reason I'm giving 4 instead of 5 stars is that when they all use their special attacks you're pretty much screwed (especially near the end). Very nice game overall.

this is so cool game i'm adicdi two it

nice ladies :D

There's six ex's, that includes the boy, or the dad whatever.

Special Attacks

Roxie: Magic Hands
Johari: String Shot
Carmilla: Bomber Bat
Paz: Timberwolf

???: Fire Trident
Medusa Sight freezes everybody.

Overall, a good game!

Playing as the anti-hero -- not many games [that I've seen] have that concept! I like how the game itself progresses as you get more clothes/cash, and how you constructed the art-work. I also think you gave it a nice twist by including the father at the end. My only concern; would it be possible to access the power-ups section without dying?

Other then just that tidbit, it's an awesome game!

Hint: For those who can't seem to complete it, increasing your speed not only helps you dodge their special attacks, it also helps you hurry to catch the clothes, especially if you have the magnet