Reviews for "My Monster Ex's"

I know it's been 3 years since the release but congratulations to all who worked on this game, it's amazing. Beautiful artwork, great use of colors, catchy music and enjoyable gameplay.
Great job.

Great game but Chet, seriously? You got in the pants of a zombie, a mummy, a vampire, a werewolf, a demon who lives with her devil father, and a gorgon, all of which live in the same building and you cheated on them all save for the snake-haired one? No wonder they're so mad on you! Shame on you, horndog!

If I had a guy like Chet, I wouldn't throw his stuff I'd sell them on eBay and burn whatever didn't get sold. Except his game consoles, they're mine XD

Great and awesome! Go, Peru, go! The game's awesome, but I cannot help but think WHAT happened to Johari? Like... I've seen her special WAY more times than the others, so I cannot help but wonder what did She(i)t did to her?

The true meaning of sabotage... this game right here.

Dammit Dave Strider quit banging dead chicks