Reviews for "SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews"

Only people i feel bad for are the creators who spent all that time to make a dumb april fools joke

Evil-Dog responds:

rather feel bad for yourself for not making anything...like...at all.

Pretty funny. It kinda makes me think of "Dot Dot Dot".

Aahhhhh i really, really missed a video of reviews with some funny voice. And i like how you change the fonts to agree with the tone of your voice(if was a little good detail). And yes, i liked the april fools joke, that i play ythat over, and over :D.

You are forgiven!

Starts off hilarious, but goes on a bit too long.

And btw, I thought that Segway of the Dead was a pretty good April fools joke.

Looking forwards to Road of the Dead 2...