Reviews for "SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews"

im going s0per sa6un c0z frst lvl impossbl aophfdulsodholuhgsiuhfgjsdujoifjgsdgf

- Litarlly Every Comment On That Game.


I've never tried this game... but may now....:P


Hey, where's my comment huh? It seems like you have selected the ones suited for the video and probably left the ones that will compromise it, just for convenience.
What's this video suppose to be? a mix of American rage kids and spoiled nerds, cyberbullies commenting while on puberty? it's somehow funny but at the same time, it's almost like a war between arguments which doesn't leave a pleasant feeling, you might think that I must be a wimp that can't handle a joke, but no it's not that, it's this video that is plain stupid and reminds me of the so-called American kids who get pranked.
To be honest it's not a nice thing to do even for a simple reaction, It's like crapping on someone's head and laughing about it, I'm not going to lie its funny but the aftermath it's pretty annoying and it's a 1 time moment where you get the sensation of avoiding this video literally, not to mention the consequences.