Reviews for "SegwayOfTheDead - Reviews"

-sigh- You have to love people and their stupid comments on newgrounds. The sad part about the game was that it was obvious once you hit the horde of zombies and with the guy was screaming(no not when you ride the segway because you never know with newgrounds). I hope you know that you will get spammed by comments from the people who played this and raged like the people who were in the video XD.

-nice audio
-voice actor was good for the most part
-love the comments of people who gave this a 0 because their comment was in the video or was not in it

-voice acting went over the top some of the time when he should not have
-not really anything but text

There really is not much to say about this lol but it was still funny hearing the players comments, keep it up!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks, I agree with you

Well...haters gotta hate

Evil-Dog responds:

and players gonna play

Some of the voices were a little over the top, and read some of those comments waaay out of context to try and be funny. That's where it fell flat. However some of them were read well in context and even excelled, like the gangster and the Napoleon Dynamite type voice. Could have been a LOT better but I guess we have to take what is given.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah it was done in a day so yeah, don'T expect anything genius, Druox did a great job imo

it is really funny [arody of hater's

Dang it . Now I gotta go play it again !