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Reviews for "Father"

Thx for the pointless sadnes ....(im sarcastic of course)

BioShock in a nutshell.

Beautiful work MisterChris, It's a sad story indeed but it's real and I liked it.
Only thing I would have done is maybe not fade out the music completely to the heartbeat, maybe just lower the volume of it and have the heartbeat playing over it.
Nice animation Chris and good luck to you in the NATA contest!

He won't

Overall it was moving and the story was more or less clear. I got the idea that the kid was still alive and that he lost the wife to birthing but as it continued he also lost his child as well. A fear that though I'm not yet married or a father, scares the everliving soul out of me.

The animation itself was decent, not the highest of quality but definitely not something cheesy, lame, and in abundance on this site. Props there.

Music was great, and really tugged the heart/emotional strings for me. The transition was hard and bit disruptive, and could have been done better. You can play around with that some more.

4/5 for a sad tale, decent animation and great sound.