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Reviews for "Father"

Why, why make this video with this end. I cried.

Mr. Chris. I have a question. What inspired you to do this?

MisterChris responds:

That's an interesting question; I was actually thinking about it earlier today too, haha!

Originally this flash animation was going to be based on the ping pong ball story. Essentially it's a story where there's a father and a son and every year the son asks for some ping pong balls for his birthday, dad has no idea why. Skip ahead a few years and the son gets into a terrible accident and on his death bed he's about to tell the father why he wanted ping pong balls every year, but before he tells him, he dies. It really just evolved from that.

this video is creat because it's a really good theam but why it is so FUCKING sad can some one make a cmedy movie, please.

It's good to see some serious animations with a message. Well done!

Beautifully done. I love that Newgrounds has become a place where people can explore deeper themes and sentiment.

I only have one question... why did you choose not to give any of the characters eyes? Was it stylistic choice or is there a specific reason?

MisterChris responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

I felt like not adding eyes was a stylistic choice. With them not having eyes, it brings more ambiguity to the characters, making their persona not set and stone. Sort of like, "Hey, this can happen to anyone" sort of deal.