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Reviews for "Father"

The transitions between the music and heartbeat was not seamless. The fadeout from the music was extremely noticeable and kept breaking the immersion.

I am not glad that I've been watching it. The movie is empty and dull. And, in my humble opinion, playing with sadness of the father that has lost his child is not the best idea. I feel sad and disappointed 3(

that was depresing AND boring.

Go with the happy stuff, maybe that can be good... but honestly that was so dull, I don't really feel the need to check.

The daughter is Half Life 3, The doctor is valve and the father is Gordon Freeman. I actually thought this was sad, it was pretty well made nice animation, audio made you think good job!

[...am i the only one who wanted to write a joke about Gordon Freeman?]

Well, the animation was pretty decent i guess, the sound could have been much better though, so overall, i'd give it a 4/5 on this...