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Reviews for "Father"

It's a good animation in a lot of ways and again yes sad and depressing things shown in animation can invoke emotion like no ones business but that also tends to erode you a little on the inside too, emotionally and artistically . Personally I don't like depressing things and strive to avoid them, but I do see the need of them for story and such in forms of entertainment. If you continue down this road take time and do happier stuff to balance the dark it would help balance and even improve your repertoire. Mind you when I say happier stuff I didn't say it had to sunshine and butterflies, but it could be twisted or dirty, as long the humor is all in good if you are into that. Good luck to you in your future works.

Personally, I enjoyed your other works a bit better. Maybe because I'm more of the optimist and this one doesn't really tell that much. Is it still good? Why yes! Yes indeed it is still good! But for little things here and there (like the awkward tears), I didn't find it quite as good as previous things.

But still good! Stay classy!

good work

I really did like the music and the fells that came out of this but i just fell that the ending could i dunno really be a bit longer anyway great animation :D

MisterChris responds:

The ending was meant to be a lot longer, haha! I just ran out of time to meet the NATA deadline.

Originally, after he cries on the book, he was going to fall to his knees and hug the book close. Then, it would flash back to the past and he would be hugging his daughter in the same way. It would then fade black, and on screen the words "Am I going to be okay daddy?" would appear. Then unfade from black and there would be 2 grave stones, one for the mom and one for the daughter.

It great but i have a few question :
1.Where is his wife ?
2.Where all the eyes go ?
It kind of annoying but can you please tell me the answer.

MisterChris responds:

1.) His wife died shortly after the girl was born. Most likely due to labor complications.

2.) Not including eyes was an artistic choice, meant to keep them sort of ambiguous.

Not annoying at all man! :D