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Reviews for "Father"

its so touching,it made me cry a little when i saw this

I liked the intention of the short, and I saw where the animator was going with it, but the execution was flawed. The cuts from the music to the heartbeats were awkward. Maybe if the heartbeats had been mixed with the music itself, and during the flashback moments the heartbeat volume was slowly increased to drown out the music it would've been more effective.

Animation was decent enough. The father's tears could've been better. They looked more like water drops. Would've liked to have seen more facial emotions. Seeing the father's eyes would've been good.

I didn't like how it just suddenly ended either. I was hoping for one final scene with the father showing acceptance. Maybe have a scene where the father takes the photos from the photo album and makes them into a big colleague that will serve as a lasting memorial to his daughter. It would still be, sad, yet also uplifting and cathartic.

Not bad at all. I hope to see improvements in future shorts.

MisterChris responds:

Whoa, great feedback man! Always appreciated. :D

As far as the music goes, if you listen to the original track it has long pauses between the parts where the music plays. I'm not an auidophile, so I couldn't really remix the track, so I figured some heartbeats would be better than nothing to add to the quiet parts.

The ending is really sudden too, sorry about that. Deadlines really suck, and there was so much more that I wanted to do with this animation, but I had to make the deadline. :(

that was real nice of you to spread your feelings.

It made me cry, really sad. All what a father does for his daughter is perfect...Even our fathers could just do whatever for us... :(

Ok animation. The Dad shouldn't be so sad. If his wife hadn't died, he probably would want her to after a few more years together. Especially after the stress a child puts on a family.