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Reviews for "Father"

The main thing that bothered me about this, was the fact that you kept stopping and start the music in the clip at what seemed like inappropriate gaps and it really annoyed me.

I honestly thought it was well done and passionate outside of that.

there was no ending Conclusion, what's up with that!? it just ended.

The storyline is heartful, touching and engaging. It has viewers crying, tearing up and getting depressed over it.

However this round is about how well the animator ties the music to his or her masterpiece.

The flashbacks at first showed depth but after a while it made me anxious.
The loud heartbeat that starts and stops abruptly with no noticeable fade into the music.
It made the flashbacks seem epileptic. Maybe less frequent flashbacks and longer mini-scenes?

The very first start of the music into the heartbeat was perfect. Then the re-entry of the heart became abrupt from then on.

In essence: I would have scored you higher for better musical transitions.

That ending

Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep tonight :(

To be frank sir, your video here is damn near perfection. Its emotionally engaging and it has a heart. Two thumbs up from me :)