Reviews for "Rokilot: The New World"

I beat it on hard. Come on guys, while the difficulty is difficult, its nowhere near impossible. Good game overall. The engrish was horrible.

Very nice and challenging game (on medium difficulty), I had no problems or glitches so I dont agree with the comments below. Everythiung worked perfectly and it is quite beatable, but not easy ;-)

I especially liked that, even if you died u could still use the money you earned in that failed attempt in order to better prepare yourself for another try.

Keep up the good work!

Nice game напомнило

I liked playing the game. But when my mouse jumps to the side of the screen, I'm redirected to an advertised game. The translation is lazy. And when it glitched, I wouldn't stop running down so I couldn't run around anymore. I tried to refresh, which made the game forget my progress. 3 large fails so I gave 2 stars.

I don't believe, the game is really beatable in other than easy mode. If you think you can do: Provide a video - no screenshots. Like many others said: Upgrades will stuck & you'll have a really hard time - even in easy mode at levels >15. Sometimes you don't even have a chance to avoid the bullets or enemies. For example: Shooting a tower and surrounded by big-blobs and those pokemok-like things, popping out of the earth. Then you can just watch you die. Best strategy: Hide in a spot where enemies barely can hit you and take out every enemy, coming for you. And please explain, why you added a sniper-like gun. It's really nice, but you really could need it for the boss. Also the munition is really sparse. At levels >15, you really need to have more bullets for the better weapons. I upgraded them all to max, but even if you aim good, you'll be in big trouble. I really hope, this nice game gets updates. Much potential and a really well done timekiller.