Reviews for "Rokilot: The New World"

just do level 5 until you get all the upgrades its the easiest one but other than that the game is good. I like the graphics they look nice and simple.

You can say there was bad grammer in this game, but my money is that the creator speaks English as a second, or maybe even third language. And, my computer in ancient, like, 5+ years, and this runs better than anything. The animations are something that can be worked on, though.

The grammar was awful, it lagged a lot (on a brand new computer, Maybe its just the bad wi-fi connection) and the map was small and at times was very difficult to maneuver. needs work.

the graphics are bad you need work on that but everything else is a-okay

Didn't really play that long to give an honest review. TBH, you have some cleaning up to do on the animations of your characters sprite when they walk - I see these strange floating lines on the top and left side of the character as they move around, was quite distracting, and I realized I couldn't play and watch Arrested Development so I am stopping here mainly just to tell you that it is really distracting when the main characters sprites don't look cleaned up.