Reviews for "Rokilot: The New World"

I like this game, but I feel the weapons need a description as to what makes them unique. The first few are obvious (machine gun, split shot, missiles*AOE*, lightning beam) , what about about the others? Is the purple one just a more powerful machine gun? I'm assuming the green beam is basically an instant kill while the nuclear icon is just another aoe weapon?

Aside from that, it's a pretty addictive game overall, with just this small addition I would give it a 5 star score.

In response to SonicSteel - This is actually not as profitable as you think. While farming a level over and over has its benefits, as the levels progress, more money can be found (as more monsters are added). The system in the game works fine.

neat game but the controls are all screwed up.

This is a nice little game. However, there is one major bug: When a player dies in a level, they keep all the coins they collected, but their ammo is reset. This means it's actually more profitable to go wild in a level and then suicide at the end instead of playing levels all the way.

mmmmmmm stolen quake weapons