Reviews for "Rokilot: The New World"

absolutely love this kind of games :) And YOU, sir, did a great job with that one!

The Engrish in this game is GREEAAT! (Sarcastic plug)

I completed the boss with 1 heart anda tazer thing on hard mode. I suggest you make a sequel THAT has harder stuff sutch as mini-bosses and stuffs

I liked it, though I have a few suggestions for the sequel:

1. Health power ups. Cuts down on needless level grinding and replaying.

2. Shields. Rechargeable or otherwise.

3. Better weapons. For example mines, homing missiles, grenades etc. Or even a super weapon you can use as a desperation when you get overwhelmed.

4. Higher max out levels. Once you've hit the peak and bought all the ammo for your guns the money becomes redundant pretty quickly.

5. More levels and minor bosses long the way.

This game is very cool overall though the graphics can be a little dicey with strange popping lines.

Fantastic game! good animation and artwork, music isn't irritating, enemies have good attack patterns. if I have to pick anything to improve its that I should've played the game on Hard as it seemed a little too easy and also MORE BOSS FIGHTS! If those are the only things I can criticize about a game than you've got a winner here.