Reviews for "Rokilot: The New World"

es ist ein gutes spiel aber wenn mann zum vollbild wechseln will ist das bild weg[weis nicht ob es nur bei mir so ist]

Apart from easy mode not being even remotely easy, this was a fun game. The different creatures offer plenty of variation, and the upgrade system is a rewarding process. Fun playing around wih the different weapons too, but the difficulty is set pretty high.I wouldn't think the Easy mode should require an hour or two of struggle to get through. Keep it up though!


why can't my game load the second time? every nice game xD keep it up

A good enough shooter. The weapons were a little derivative and samey, but they did the job.

I feel compelled to comment, on the story, though. I like there to be some story to my games, but on the flip side, it is fairly ridiculous to insert one if you don't have any intention of putting any thought into it. "You're sent to kill a guy for no reason. You kill the guy. Something was up with that guy!" is not a story. It's not even really part of a story. It's more just a cliche we've seen a million times in other games, dissolved down until it has no context whatsoever.

It's sort of ridiculous to expect a real story when the game is about shooting floating cat-spheres with laser guns. But then I have to ask why it was included at all. I hope I am not offending the designer here, but his or her grasp of English isn't the best, and when I look back on the game in retrospect, it seems pretty clear that the only useful part of those dialogues was the "skip" button.

The Quake 3 is strong with this one.

But aside from being an obvious overhead rip-off of Q3A it's not bad.