Reviews for "Rokilot: The New World"

started out thinking "wow this is shit" but before I knew it i was hopelessly addicted the fact that you didn't have all the guns at the start gave it a sense of mystery!!

This was a great game, definitely worth the 5. I haven't tried medium or hard yet but I am sure you can find me curled up in a ball crying, bullet dodges just don't like me haha. Since there was a "To be continued" I am guessing there will be a sequal, I have two ideas you may want to think about. 1)each gun didn't really "grow" as you play, there was ammo upgrades but nothing else. Maybe weakening the guns when you get them and then adding upgrades to damage range spread etc would be nice (and help with an excess of gold). My other suggestion is that more is not always better. Each round had more and more enemies which made it more tedious than challenging sometimes. If the ammo counts were cut a bit and so were the enemy count it could have worked just as well (also grouping enemies is/was a nice touch like lvl 19 with only range enemies). Sorry for the long post and I hope your next one is better than this one!

The game is ok but the music is terrible

Had a lot of fun playing it, a bit linear but very fun indeed.

I love this Game!
I love such Game Types! :D


-Many different Monster
-Different Weapons (could be more)
-Different dificult level
-Retro Graphics... (yeah I am a nerd ._.)
-Many Stages
-A boss fight!

-The "Saber" is too Over Powered, but it's not that bad (:
-I dunno found more...

I like this game really c:
*game added to favorite*