Reviews for "Rokilot: The New World"

wooo i didin't die a single time wooo *goes to level 18* one more shot a i will die *ghost appears in my back* *me* FUUUUUUUUUUUUU*K!!

not enough upgrades

the game becomes nearly impossible at the end

The English could use some work. But the combat was difficult, but not too bad. It did get repetitive, however. And the weapons ranged from way OP to nearly worthless. The upgrades were on point though. Though, instead of "ammo" I would have specified that the purchases there increased your max ammo.

Excellent game my good sir! But I did find a bug. If you go to the upper right hand corner of the map and click outside the game window on the left hand side. The guy will automatically go to the right and get stuck on the right side wall for a few seconds. I have tested this several times and it happens each try. I will not discredit you because of this. Great game otherwise. It is well paced and you add the new weapons in during the right points of the game! Keep at it!!!

Well, I just got through finishing this unbelievable game. I think its biggest strength is how it is so fricking addictive. My hands are the most tired they have been in a long time. I hope this wins Daily Feature and every other positive award in existance. By the time the boss came, it wasn't that difficult. Of course, I knew I still had to never let my guard down.

Everything is designed absolutely beautifully. It's nice to know how many monsters are left for you to destroy. There is always going to be a new and interesting design for a monster on the next level. My only complaint is when I'm stuck with that short laser thing. It does me no good at all. Luckily, I just play the level again and don't have it.