Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

Sweet, Made it to the end!

although short, is fun
somehow too easy however.
all the character survived and none of them is even near death or hungry

great game, it was fun, short, and had a nice little story line. I loved how each person is worth keeping because of how they each address a situation differently.

Great game

Here is another wonderful game from Hyptosis. The character designs are lovely, the graphics are beautiful, and the story line is short but concise and the events are both realistic and humorous. I won't go through all of the details since many comments already cover this topic, but I like how each character possesses their own pros and cons different situations; yes even Vivica can be used once in a while without consequence.

I would love to see you make more of these, perhaps a sequel in which you must guide the team through the wilderness; the zombie apocalypse or the problems that follow don't stop outside city limits. The only thing I would say is add more scenarios and perhaps some small sketches or illustrations showing at least a few of the actions occurring.