Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

How you keep putting out such quality work so quickly, I'll never know. A/5, perfect score.

Forgive my terrible feedback. But this was quite interesting. Considering that I haven't seen the simpsons since I was oh say about 16. But hey, I never really thought the show was bad. But I got to admit, the only thing I have a problem with (BECAUSE EVERYBODY ALREADY ADDRESSED IT!!!) Was that I couldn't understand what Matt Groening said while he was high on freaking cocaine...

Reason why you don't do drug's kids. YOUR SHOWS WILL BE...cancelled and blown up and...yeah...

Not bad, you made some points and some of the humor was dark and twisted. I wasn't too offended to see it was a point to be offencive. The art and animation was very good. The sound and dubbing ok. and when I step back and look at it, very funny.

Awesome work as always. The Matt Groening twist was perfect.

That was like watching the Banksy intro all over again.