Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

I've always enjoyed your stuff, Speedo, and this one is no exception.

The writing was very clever in my opinion, though not my particular taste in comedy (I did laugh at the Milhouse nipples though), I can tell that effort was put into making it funny. The drawings were well done as well, really added to how the characters come off in their personalities. As far as improvement goes, my only real qualms were the backgrounds and the weird clipping on the characters. The backgrounds could use a bit more definition and interact with the characters better (example being Maggie not really looking like she was on the bed). Then there's the character clipping (Oh hey look, there's only half of homer on screen), though I can only assume that it's because this wasn't originally meant to be uploaded to newgrounds, either way it was a bit distracting for me. With those 2 things addressed I'd have no problem giving it the full 5 stars. Excellent work just needs some small tweeks here and there.

P.S. While looking through the other feeds backs it I said to myself "Oh my god, the newgrounds community is terrible at giving feedback."

Speedo responds:

Yeah I left the stage size at incorrect measurements so a whole heap of shit that shouldn't have been in frame was left in frame. Changed it now though.

You really need to work on your drawing and your voice acting. This was terrible and not funny at all.

Lol that was fucking genius. So true.

i am scared 0_0

i just dont find this funny at all, it was just plain not good, i see you put time into it but still, THATS what you ended up with?

Speedo responds:

Explain why you found it bad