Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

well done my good sir

I don't like your drawing style, I don't think the script is funny, I don't think Lisa is a terrible character, everything it's just noisy and boring. And I'm trying to write a review that doesn't sound too disrespectful because I know you worked really hard on this, I can see you put a lot of care in it. That's the best I can do, sorry.

This video is absolute truth. Out of every simpsons character Lisa is my least favorite. She's bitchy, she pushes liberal agenda constantly to the point where I feel like I'm at a political rally, and all of her episodes generally are boring and super serious.

Funny as hell man. 5 stars. The part where homer's arms go all squiggly makes me laugh my ass off every time!

Also I know Bart was being a peeping tom but this was the first video in awhile you've made where nobody was actually masturbating. I'm kind of surprised honestly.

Speedo responds:

yeah i've done like 50 masturbation jokes before, I think I can lay off them for a while THANK YOU


Who needs to review this work of fucking art. Take your 5 stars.