Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

No star. Sorry but I don't like it: It is vulgar and nothing more.
Even the drawing style, imo, is bad.

it was funny but the ending was terrible especially the sound was unnecesary. It should had ended with the newspaper of lisa was killed off.

I never liked the bloody Simpsons.
The scenes gets crapper and crapper, you know what I mean.

Lisa is my favorite Simpsons character!

Half of the scene in this are like seperate artworks, how long does it take to make all the characters so brutally outlined, their skin hue so yellow and glistening, the action so refined and fluent? Though I don't watch the Spimsons much, and have little to relate to in the plot, the animation itself is just awesome. Congrats on the frontpoop; keep it going!