Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

This was tits!
And just like tits, I kept watching this over and over.
Seriously though, this was one of your best animations.

It was just awkward comedy up until the point where you brought Matt Groin*giggle*ing into the picture, then it got funny in a messed up way. Then I got lost again after his speech. The random yelling about Lisa wasn't funny. I didn't even find it relevant or amusing, not that I particularly like Lisa's character. Showing Matt Groening doing blow off a hooker's ass....comedy gold.

Speedo responds:

Didn't find it relevant? It was like the whole point of the cartoon.

Lol, the Simpsons isn't the only thing quickly becoming stale and repetitive...

Speedo responds:

ho-hoooo controversial!

I liked the Hindenburg disaster audio towards the end and lots more... It's very hard for me to review the content, because I gave on TV shows like that a while ago :| The exuberant and seemingly legitimate analysis of The Simpsons, played out dramatically flawless. Personally, I'm just not feeling it this time... just like with shows like The Simpsons.. (here, lemme look again)
What threw me off: after Homers rant and just before the newspaper transition out, a guy in the background laughs, very sarcastically, "Oh yeah, that's hysterical!!" Was that supposed to be Matt Groening? A cut-away to whoever was sayin' that, would've taken the mystery out, kept the flow better, bro :3
Boy! Gob dammit, he got ugly! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Gro ening

Speedo responds:

he is now the mix of Gabe Newell and George Lucas

you are my one true love