Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

In a previous review (Which was terrible and pretentious has shit) I already said I don't like humor (Except for a few exceptions) and this video don't break the rule : Joke about drugs, lots of crazy faces and I can't see why a cartoon with Homer yelling all the time could be the only reason for having a laugh. The only thing that make me smile his the little joke at the very beginning. But yes, I think you already know your jokes don't make me laugh who cares.

The thing which I don't agreeing with is the message of this short. The Simpsons isn't bad because of Lisa, ok the episodes with her are terrible but let's face it, EVERY episodes are terrible. It's not only because of Lisa, it's just because it's bad written, it's boring because they have dumb ideas ("Let's have a christmas episode with Katy Perry" "And what about the opening replace by a song by Ke$ha ?" "Maybe we can have the kids from Glee for a cameo"). Maybe you did this short because you think Lisa is the problem but that not my point of view.

gotta admit, it was funnier than I first expected it to be. good animation and voice work, good humor, and all around creative. one thing, Matt Groening actually has nothing to do with the show any more. Fox removed him from the Simpsons staff years ago, because Fox is retarded, and Matt went on to restart Futurama on Comedy Central.

All I got to say it....DAMN!

Now do one with Peter (From Family Guy) and Meg

i agree 1000% with everything in this video