Reviews for "Lisa Killed Off Simpsons"

After watching this multiple times, I know why I don't like this short. Let's divide this up...

The strongest point of this flash, good fluidity, good voice acting, nice shading. Some parts of it were slightly off putting, like animating a limb while the rest of the character remains frozen or other characters stuck with weird expressions (case in point, the female journalist at the front in the press release section). Overall though, the animation works well. -2.5/5 Stars

I think this is where your flash falls down. At one point, you refer to The Simpsons making jokes that feel "forced as shit". Well, the irony there is overwhelming. You seem to be looking for things to complain about (see Homer's "Uhh" halfway through his rant) and don't back things up (such as why Buddhism and Vegetarianism make for boring episodes. Remember 'Lisa the Vegetarian'?) Also, in my opinion, all the jokes in this have been done by someone else. Homer seems to have an Egoraptor impersonation going on when he says "What do you even do...?" (The cocaine snorting reminded me of Awesome Reach as well), there's some weird PsychicPebbles stuff going on during Homer's rant and as for Bart being a pervert, Herbert much? My point is, your jokes are taken to the extreme in order to get a laugh, which I feel has been done already by other animators (such as the ones cited above). I think it's old hat. Because of the extreme nature of the jokes, any personal statement you had about The Simpsons being stale (which I agree with, by the way) are drowned out. I'm aware that this is just a parody, but you could have illustrated your opinion better by toning down the jokes and adding to the message you were trying to get across. -0/5 Stars

I know you put a lot of work into this, but it just didn't click for me.

thats the weirdest thing i have ever seen...

Aw, i kinda liked it with the fucked up stage things. Made it crazier.

EGH, likin' this parody, and fuck the Egoraptor archetype, this shit was good. This is a great explanation for a show that was quality material and turned out to be utter uncreative crap in the last seasons for the lack of ideas. Homer Shake, srsly? Go retirement, Groening, you're high.

well that escalated quicly