Reviews for "Tactical Assassin: Mobile"

wow...this game is awesome and not that hard!and 5 star rate for ya buddy!

Greatly executed game, but I've been wondering. How come you've switched to Mobile and make us pay ? I'm not saying you shouldn't , its just that I've been wondering.

i love this game

slow loding man

Nice game, but it seems to me like the mouse and the crosshair arent aligned, which makes it feel like something is wrong and I cant go further to the left or right. Like i coundt even hit the training target on the far right.

simonhason responds:

You are supposed to zoom Out / zoom back in on a new area - it is part of the mechanic because the backgrounds are too big for mouse controls, your mouse will go outside of the game area before you can see more of the map (remember, this is designed for mobiles and that problem doesn't exist)

Thanks for the review!