Reviews for "Tactical Assassin: Mobile"

wish we could get more levels is all i know make your paper

It's ok. However not enough planning went into the game reaction wise. Sometimes I fire at a leg and the bullet magically kills the guy.

simonhason responds:

Fair enough! There was a big workload of animations - each stickman in this game has it's own animation, none were re-cycled, so I admit I did get a little lazy and didn't have "non-headshot" animations :( I will consider that for the future games!

I think this is very well executed. Not too hard, but challenging enough at the right time. Though it automatically set my quality on 'low', the graphics and animation were great non the less. A fun to play demo, which I'm sure will win some people over to buy the full game.
Nicely done.

simonhason responds:

Thanks! It is very easy on the web but the App plays much harder because you use tilt controls so it actually feels like aiming. Thank you for the review :)

Don't submit ads as games.

simonhason responds:

It's assholes like you that make game dev annoying at times.

I made a 99 cent app to support my game development career because otherwise you don't make money doing Flash games. It is well worth the 99 cents people have been enjoying it. I decide to post a FREE demo for you guys to enjoy the game if you can't purchase it or don't have a device, then I get people like you giving it a 0 because its an "AD".

You need to be more considerate and stop having such a hating lifestyle.

The space with the hand gun needs work