Reviews for "Tactical Assassin: Mobile"

Good game but the pistol doesn't work. I aim using the space bar but when I left click it doesn't do anything. Any explanations?

one of the guys is ghost mw2 lol

Oooh, i saw 2 references 1 from a movie and another one from a videogame. Anyway this is an exelent game, one does really have to use their heads to finish the game. I'll probably buy it

I gave up at The Bridge, what looks to be the last mission. The motion of the rifle is too icy, not like in call of duty games, so I found it too frustrating to hit multiple guys in succession. My teammates, for the most part, are useless. So that killed the game for me. I wish the makers didn't put in such missions and just left everything sniping.

To get past the hospital lvl all yeah gotta do is shoot the machine on the right and then the one on the left and then shoot the guy.