Reviews for "Tactical Assassin: Mobile"

really good game but i don't know how to kill the man in the ospital without fall down the allarm.... Someone know the solution??

The mission where you have to rescue the hostage is hard.

fun clean cut, smooth graphics, and fun. killing the guy with the briefcase was getting annoying due to the civilians walking with him and me getting a double kill.

bad game earlier ones were much better, bullets take forever to travel, i see the white point on impact on the guys head and yet i get no kill...black ops 2 hit detection over here

Very good, clean cut game, its to the point, I love the control of the gun and the feel, I love the varying missions and varying weapons to be used. Keep up the good work, please make more, nothing needs to be changed other than mission variety which I'm sure that you will be making more missions soon. :)