Reviews for "Tactical Assassin: Mobile"

I believe you should make a pc based version of this game and not only that add a more balanced variety of missions, these were mostly sniper missions with two pistol missions and 1 carbine mission.
Otherwise I found this game to be an amazing work.

simonhason responds:

Once the App has been out for a few weeks I will put the entire game for free online :) Thank you for playing

Im sure I would buy it if I had the device to play it on
but I enjoyed it only wish for two things it had more in-depth breifings instead of "this guy has a gun and will kill himself with it....stop it!"
like the way the M4 feels it has recoil and its in semi auto none of the COD BS and I wish it had more carbine missions

simonhason responds:

Thanks! I shoot a lot in real life and tried to get as realistic as I could with the weapons :)

thers no medals that vod bee coll

Meh, not bad

You should have some other site hosted it and not here or make a short "free" version to upload here.

simonhason responds:

I am confused... This is a short "free" version uploaded here :P